The motorized Theracycle makes exercise possible.

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Theracycle's revolutionary Smart Motor

Smart Motor is
specially engineered to assist moving your legs.

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As a neurologist and person with Parkinson’s, I am impressed with the passive and voluntary cycling and the empowerment the Theracycle offers in fighting back against the disease.

— Dr. David Heydrick 

Theracycle Rider Joe Kapsch: Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

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Safe, in-home exercise and movement therapy.

  • Theracycle helps to improve strength, mobility and flexibility
  • Increases energy, endurance and general well-being
  • Reduces stress on joints during exercise
  • Improves muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness

Ride your way to health and wellness goals with the help of Theracycle, a motor-powered, computer-monitored exercise machine. Designed to guide you through a custom programmed exercise regimen, the remarkable motor assists you to get a full-body workout. Over 70 years of fitness research makes Theracycle the best low-impact exercise equipment choice for those looking to regain mobility and independence. Learn More