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Why Theracycle

Striking New Results – Cycling and Parkinson’s Disease

Prominent Parkinson’s disease researchers around the world are finding that assisted bicycling helps to battle the symptoms of this debilitating neurological disease.

High-cadence cycling is now being recognized as a way to retune central motor control processes and reduce tremors and rigidity. This form of Parkinson’s bike exercise has also shown to increase the aerobic fitness of users who continue to train regularly improving overall health.

The Theracycle is one of the only motorized exercise bikes that provides the high-cadence cycling called forced exercise that has proven to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The Theracycle is currently being used at the Cleveland Clinic as part of ongoing Parkinson’s disease research.

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User Testimonial

“Several months ago I was diagnosed as having Parkinson's Disease. I was not able to use my treadmill due to the effects of Parkinson's. Now with the Theracycle, I feel much stronger, find that I can walk and feel comfortable doing it, and the upper portion of my body has much more strength. I'm now firmly convinced that Theracycle is of great benefit to me and to anyone else who has Parkinson's Disease.”

Andy Bolduc
Framingham, MA

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