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Why Theracycle

Theracycle and You

The Best Exercise for Rehabilitation Therapy and Fitness

There is no better way to get moving and feel healthy again then with the motorized Theracycle. The motorized Theracycle will assist you to regain your functional mobility, independence and confidence. Our cutting-edge motorized technology can help you take charge of your life, fitness and recovery.

Start Seeing Great Results:

  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Regain your mobility, vitality and flexibility
  • Improve circulation
  • Fight fatigue and increase your energy levels and endurance
  • Raise your heart rate and ride your way to cardiovascular fitness
  • Lose weight while improving digestion, bladder and bowel function

Theracycle Offers Two Models Specifically Designed for Home Use:

Theracycle 100Theracycle 100 Exercise Equipment for the Disabled Increase lower body strength, flexibility, and range of motion from a chair or wheelchair. Learn More

Theracycle 200Theracycle 200 Stationary Exercise Equipment Experience a rigorous full-body workout that strengthens, not strains your muscles and joints. Learn More

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