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Theracycle 100 Physical Therapy Bike

Get a Complete Lower Body Workout with Theracycle 100

Theracycle 100 motorized exercise bike for rehabilitation therapyWant and need more leg exercise but facing the challenges of being wheelchair-bound, paraplegic, quadriplegic, or limited mobility due to Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, obesity, or other movement disorders? Our Theracycle 100 Leg Exercise Bike can help you obtain a healthy lower body workout while sitting in a chair or wheelchair in your own home. Unlike traditional leg exercise machines and other stationary exercise equipment, Theracycle 100 takes the strain off your joints and muscles with a motorized technology that assists you through the cycling motion so you can continue to move your legs as you workout and complete your lower body exercises.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-Edge Smart Motor – This quiet yet powerful motor assists you to exercise at your own pace as long as you wish.
  • Rugged Construction – The structural steel frame, wide legs, and low center of gravity offer unparalleled safety and stability.
  • Customized Secure Pedals – Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit that keeps feet steady, safe, and secure.
  • Quick Safety Shut Off – Emergency shut off button and pull cord stop brings the leg exercise bike to a halt for complete safety and security.
  • Capacity – This Theracycle bike can accommodate up to 500 lbs
  • Specifications – Compact Size: 19" W x 39" L x 37" H
  • Home Exercise Equipment – Enjoy a lower body workout in the comfort of your own home whenever you want to including at 2 AM!

User Testimonial

“We have been using the Theracycle 100 in this rehab facility since March of 2007 with numerous success stories. We have been able to incorporate its use into a variety of diagnosis from total knee replacements to Alzheimer’s dementia patients. The uses are limitless. Just a few of the treatment diagnosis that have benefited are TKR, hip fractures, COPD, MS, contractures, cancer, pneumonia, CVA/TIA, and s/p surgeries. We have found a strong use in this facility for patients who have difficulty normal self pedaling machines. Patients enjoy the ability to 'bike' on the Theracycle 100, whether benefiting from the passive or resistive element. The variety of options, positions, and attachments offered with the Theracycle 100 allows you to adapt its fit to most patients and not have to worry about constantly checking to see if they are still properly positioned. During this time frame, we have had many patients request specifically to 'go on' the Theracycle 100 during their treatment session, ask to come use it at times outside of their regular treatment schedule and even enquire about purchasing a unit for their own home use. We have had no mechanical issues with the Theracycle 100 during the months that we have used it and it is very easy to operate. The Theracycle 100 has been a welcome addition in the Rehab Department for the therapists in complimenting their treatment, but most importantly to the patients who have progressed with its use to reach their goals.”

Tracey Roy, Rehab Manager, MSPT
Peoplefirst Rehabilitation
Kennebunk, Maine

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