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About Theracycle


User Testimonial

Here are some of the comments regarding my use of the Theracycle:

  • I use the Theracycle everyday for approximately 30 minutes and ride 3.5 miles.
  • I feel great and have recently returned to work way ahead of schedule. My early return was a result of my Theracycle use.
  • I am walking much better – to the point that people are commenting on my improved mobility.
  • The wounds (skin ulcers) on my legs have healed.
  • I used to take 8-10 pills per day for pain management. I now take 2.
  • I very rarely use my compression machine now – I used to use it for 3 hours daily.
  • I now have no fear related to walking. I used to be very fearful of falling/walking.

Ann Looney
Tewksbury, MA

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